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Northwoods Business Consulting

Northwoods Business Consulting

Are you achieving profitable growth through sales, marketing and data?

Use the data you have or gain insights from your customers to make sound business decisions that drive sales growth.


Uncover what are the most and least successful areas of your business.

Define Strategy & Objectives

Set a strategic direction and ensure all of the objectives are aligned.

Design & Develop

Design the specific tactical plans, targets, and tools as well as assign resources to ensure success.

Implement & Evaluate

Whether using your internal team, outside resources, or a blend, Northwoods Business Consulting can help you succeed.

Are you achieving profitable growth in sales and brand awareness?

Customer Experience, Trust & Loyalty

A Deep-Dive analysis can help to identify areas of investment and potential cost savings, or streamlined readouts can help to increase short term sales, stem customer defection and insulate from the competition.
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Business Growth Analysis

Demand Generation Analysis

Determine what products or services have the most opportunity for growth and what the difference is between your current business performance and the potential. Also learn what current customers have the most opportunity and identify new potential targets by opportunity size, geography or other parameters.

Startup Sales and Marketing Planning and Modeling or Existing Business Scaling

Have a startup company or idea that needs expert help, a sales plan, marketing plan or investor pitch deck? Need to find or train sales or marketing resources, or augment existing resources? Hit that small or mid-sized business plateau but desire to take your business to the next level?
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