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Chris had the vision to see that the market was changing again. Companies are becoming more interested in working with experienced professional practitioners, and bringing the best resources to specific initiatives, oftentimes either virtually or with a mix of staff, agency, consulting firms, and solo professionals. This post-covid era is no longer about how many resources one could bring to bear on challenges but the quality of those resources. With tighter budgets and compressed timeframes, Northwoods Consulting has still delivered results.

It also is clear that smaller organizations had fewer resources to support marketing and sales activities and large organizations often had a backlog of projects and work that it was difficult to have them engage in new activities. For the smaller organizations, Northwoods Consulting can act as a full-service marketing department; for larger organizations, Northwoods Consulting can act as an incubator to rapidly start new initiatives that act as proofs of concept & deliver quick results. It is the rapid response to marketplace fluctuations and client need changes that differentiates Northwoods Consulting from the competition. That, coupled with the relentless focus on profitable growth, can make Northwoods Consulting your trusted partner. Northwoods Consulting has several core values that help support the business of our customers: