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Promoting Growth

While it is difficult to communicate the full breadth and depth of the work Northwoods Consulting has performed for clients, below is an overview of some of that work. If there are specific examples of work you would like to inquire about, please contact one of the senior partners for more information.

Latest Case Studies

Strategic Planning and Organizational Growth

Read how Northwoods Consulting helped an organization with strategic planning and program development, which resulted in less dependence on external funding, higher revenue for programs, the launch of new programs and services, and a growing need to add staff to manage program volume and demand.

Wire and Cable Company

A large manufacturer and provider of networking products for both the industrial and enterprise markets wanted to grow. Find out how Northwoods Consulting added more than $850 million of lead opportunity just 1.5 years after program launch.

Northwoods Consulting designs and develops websites that address the needs of its various customers and distribution partners while also pushing innovation and e-commerce capabilities. Restructuring the layout of content and product through defined, industry segmentation, Northwoods Consulting creates sites with efficient user

Auto Parts Distributor

Construction Supplies Distributor

Construction Supplies Smart Catalog

Distribution Company Key Account Program

Electronics Manufacturer Calling and CRM Optimization

Equipment Manufacturer Distributor Audits

Financial Services Recruiting Website

International Office Products Distributor

Leasing & Maintenance Management

Child Abuse Prevention Website

Disability Organization Product Sales

Donor Base Geographic Growth and Expansion

Healthcare Hospitality House Growth Initiatives

Integrated Planning and Relaunch

Organizational Growth Initiative Implementation

Strategic Planning and Rollout

Parts Distribution CRM and Lead Generation

Power Systems Manufacturer and Supplier

Prepared Foods Website and E-Catalog

Vision Loss Organization Initiatives