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Do you feel you are behind with your digital marketing strategy and tactics?

In his 25-plus years of marketing and sales work and consulting, Chris has worked with clients such as Fiserv, Stripe, Office Depot, GE, Staples, Belden Wire & Cable, Disney, Rockwell, Southern California Edison, Target, Reedy Industries, Parts Town, DFSI, Corporate Express (including furniture & design divisions), Runge Paper, United Airlines, PepsiCo, VISA, Solo Cup, and many others. Chris has helped companies conduct branding and value proposition work, enter new market segments, evaluate and improve their marketing programs, and generate revenue through lead and demand generation programs.

Chris formed Northwoods Business Consulting out of the need for clients to profitably grow their business in a time where the next shiny object often detracts from some of the most practical and cost-effective strategies and tactics.

Chris worked at Apexx group for more than 20 years as the COO and VP of Strategy, Prior to joining Apexx Group, Chris was Director of Business Development at Publicis, the world’s largest advertising, promotions, and marketing services firm. Chris was also the director of integrated marketing at Near North Insurance where he directed the development and maintenance of more than 50 association websites, ran a call center, and managed the development of print and e-mail marketing initiatives. Chris as experience with non-profit organizations such as IndependenceFirst, Vision Forward, ACAP, Timber-Lee, and Kathy’s House, to name a few.

Chris has a background in design and technical development, has been an adjunct professor at Columbia in Chicago. He is proficient in front and back end web technologies and is a developer that understands HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL and many other scripting and database solutions.