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Northwoods Business Consulting

Startups and Sale/Acquisition

Startups and Sale/Acquisition

Northwoods Business Consulting provides startups with special pricing and access to trusted resources that can help make the difference between being a perpetual startup or making the dream become a thriving business.

If you are looking to sell or exit the business, getting the best price to another company or Private Equity can also be crucial for a lucrative retirement and exit strategy.

Sunset in Forest

Northwoods Consulting is a business planning, business strategy development, marketing and consulting firm that focuses on achieving sustainable growth and funding for startups. Northwoods Consulting has a history of helping startups build solid plans, create pitch decks to both investors and potential customers, raising funds, and taking organizations to initial funding, to series A and B and beyond. 

Bringing experience & tools acquired working with many startups both internal to corporate environments and entrepreneurs, Northwoods Consulting brings fresh perspectives and proven best practices to your organization. Your mission drives your organization to serve; helping you to grow and expand capacity has always been the mission of Northwoods Consulting. Whether helping with strategy, developing a marketing plan, testing new programs, or helping to raise funds, Northwoods Consulting understands that you need positive, measurable results. 

If you are looking for an exit strategy or to sell your business, Northwoods has a network of PE firms, corporate accounts and high net-worth individuals who are alway looking for the next business opportunity to grow or add to a portfolio.