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Northwoods Business Consulting

Implement & Evaluate

Northwoods Consulting adapts to fit each client’s specific needs. Some clients need and outsourced marketing or sales function, others need a plan, guidance and coaching.

How We Can Help

Rapid market entry

Add New Resources With Little Risk and No Long-Term Commitment

Test Ideas and Scale

Broad set of implementation perspectives, including CMO, CTO, CSOT

Decades of collective implementation experience

Innovative perspective & ability to pivot as needed

Examples of Implementation and Evaluation

Trust and Loyalty

Trust & Loyalty, C-SAT

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Website Monitoring

Continued Website Monitoring

Customer Acquisition

Inside Sales

Integrated Account Management

Integrated Account Management

Telephone and Digital Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Marketing Automation System Design

Marketing Automation System Rollout

Acquisition Cost Planning and Forecasting

Ongoing Channel Partner Monitoring

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel Performance & Evaluations

Remarketing Strategy

SEO SET PPC & Remarketing Campaigns

Win Back Lost Customers

Winback Lost Customers